The Vision of La Roca

The Vision of La Roca

By: David Villanueva

It is my wish to find you well and filled with blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason for my happiness is that I wish to share with you, by this means, what has been happening at La Roca and about the activities we are participating in as well as the wonderful works that God continues to bless us with. The loss of Pastor Miguel Villanueva was very difficult. A man of such faith, dedication, and love for the ministry will never be forgotten. However, it is a pleasure, as well as an honor, for me to now accept this divine calling. It’s an enormous challenge for this new generation to embark with such love, dedication and professionalism, giving God our trust and faith, because ultimately He is the one whose works are done through us. laroca vision strip.jpgLa Roca’s vision for Mexico’s community continues the same. God has placed La Roca in our hands and has renewed the spirit of those who now form the new ministry team. We continue His work and seek new ways to express His love in the following areas:

  • Daily breakfast gatherings for the community kids continue to be a huge blessing. We have never ceased to see the hand of God as he provides the day-to-day bread.
  • The school continues their same schedule and even though this responsibility has been bestowed upon me with hardships, God makes us vessels to honor and glorify His name. We are coming to the end of the school year and are happy to announce that the teachers have had their needs cared for as God has provided for them, covering our needs and confirming his vast love for us.
  • We are presently working on a new project for the remodeling of the elementary school (Primaria La Roca) after 15 years of issues caused by poor construction (water damage, floods, the building has deteriorated in it’s condition and appearance). We strongly feel that God is in the lead of this project and we hope to initiate its building plans this summer. We hope to show you the follow up from this project soon.
  • We are in the process of renewing our non-profit status and are tied up with the legal system. We pray that God can provide for the legal process so that we can serve in a more efficient manner.
  • la roca logo thin.jpgWe are working on branding La Roca with the purpose of giving a more professional feeling rather than simple charity.
  • We are continuing to work on La Roca’s webpage where you will be able to be informed about what is happening around here, know how to help and be notified about this ministry. We consider this to be of utmost importance and necessity.
  • This summer we are also looking forward to seeing God open the doors and fulfufilling the needs of a Medical/Dental ministry for our community.
  • Our short-term goals of our small library and computer lab are currently running well so our students can hope for a better schooling as they can have better access to new information.
  • Another blessing that we share is that the church continues to be a blessing to the community, with services on Sundays and its various activities; we pray that through of the church, we can create comprehensive family support.

All these goals require compromise and commitment. We are convinced that the work of God not only starts with us but continues through you as well. Please keep these projects in your prayers as we also include your families and our team who form part of La Roca ministries in our prayers. Hoping God showers us in grace and the knowledge of how to better glorify His name. I thank Foothills United Methodist Church in their kindness towards La Roca and how they continuously have given back to God in contributing to this ministry. At La Roca we love and appreciate you. I send you kind regards.

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