Pastor Miguel: A Visionary

Pastor Miguel: A Visionary

By Ramond Swavely

Pastor Miguel always had a vision of helping the people of his community. It was a barrio on the side of a hill consisting mostly of rock. Its people were poor and uneducated. Thus, a church was started and La Roca (The Rock) was its name. They were holding church services on Sundays and other events during the week, but Pastor Miguel felt the need to do more. He felt that no matter what, this rock should always be there to help its barrio. La Roca has helped children, families and mothers without homes. They also set up a free medical outlet for people to come to when they had nowhere else to go. Always trying to advance the people, he helped them reach their full potential. I have personally seen and witnessed the bringing in of a mother and her two children, who were field workers and lived in the fields. The mother now has a job and the family an apartment. The boy is finishing high school and working and the older daughter is going to college while working at McDonald’s and on the list to become a manager soon. There are many other stories; some glad and some sad. But Pastor Miguel never promised a bed of roses. He would just say, ‘believe in God and trust in Him, and he will provide.’

Pastor Miguel’s most current passion was getting the La Roca School accredited by the government of Mexico. He accomplished this through sheer determination and relentless effort. He believed that education was the vehicle for the people of his barrio to move ahead. His final efforts in life were put towards preserving this idea. This is why I had such joy and enthusiasm when I found out his two sons and family members would be following in Pastor Miguel’s footsteps, to continue helping the people  of La Roca. Yes, I venture to say Pastor Miguel had the right idea when he named his visionary efforts ‘The Rock.’

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