We've Missed You

We've Missed You

By: Steve Hable

All of us look forward to summer vacation.
When I was in elementary and middle school, I remember counting down the days until school was out, even when I didn’t know what the summer vacation plans were. While that was a very long time ago, the excitement of summer vacations has not changed.

Some of you have taken trips overseas, others traveled to the East Coast and many more have taken the family to some of the most scenic areas of the western US. Activity has not exactly stopped at Foothills over the summer. We had a highly successful Vacation Bible School, youth summer camps and most of our normal programs enjoyed a fantastic summer.

The Foothills staff has done a fantastic job of managing the ministry. Year-to-date expenses are below our forecast for our 2012 budget. Our revenue is near expectations for everything except our largest source of income---pledged giving. In June we asked if it was possible for you to catch-up with your pledge and many of you were able to so.

We know you have been out enjoying a well-deserved vacation and we have missed seeing you in church on Sunday. As you begin to return to your regular schedule, we look forward to seeing you back in church and in the various church activities you enjoy. If you can, we would also like you to see if you can bring your pledge current.
We missed you!

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