Becoming a Pastor

Becoming a Pastor

By Rev. Jeanette Ham

It is a blessing to be in ministry with you at Foothills UMC!
During our last Sunday worship services, pastor John announced my appointment as a licensed local pastor to Foothills and my role now as your Associate Pastor. For those who were not able to be with us during service last Sunday, I would like to convey my gratitude for the love and support of my church family – you all, who have encouraged me and cheered me on over the years.

My call to ministry as a pastor has been a journey of faith. It has been an adventure full of joy and not without some difficulties, as many journey are. And I have come to understand, that it’s more about the journey than the destination. My path towards ordained ministry has taken more time then I had planned. Time away from my husband and children, for school and writing papers, and it’s still not finished,. Yet I am reaffirmed because of the evidence of God’s grace that I continue to experience; that even when I feel tired, that I really do feel there is no greater way for me to serve in my life’s vocation. I feel such a sense of completeness and joy in ministry.

I believe my role as a pastor is to be a channel of God’s grace and to know that the mission of God is not about me, but in rather how God is sending me out to help serve in God’s mission. Though my call is to be “set apart” as the role of the pastor, as Christians we are all called to a ministry of justice, outreach, compassion and to “be the church in the world.” We are called to follow Christ and embody His love through service to others. It is an exciting time to be growing in our faith at Foothills and I look forward to serving in ministry together in the years to come. God is good – thanks be to God!

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