UMW Reading in Sunday School

UMW Reading in Sunday School

By: Diane Vogan

14-Cows-for-America-story-photo-low.jpgOur Summer Sunday School was delighted to have as their teaching resource, books from the United Methodist Women’s (UMW) Reading Program. Volunteer readers from UMW and our Sunday School teachers, chose a book to read each Sunday and Pat Chagnon, (now our new Faith Academy Kindergarten teacher) created innovative lessons that incorporated related scripture, crafts and games.
“It was easy and enjoyable to be a part of the experience,” said Diane Vogan, UMW member. Following the summer session, the UMW donated their used books to our Sunday School library.

These books helped children to focus on being sensitive to all human beings and how to then act on this. Some of the book titles included were, 14 Cows for America, and The Mangrove Tree: Planting Seeds to Feed Families, about a village in the tiny country of Eritrea, where there is not enough food for people and their animals. Then along came a scientist, Gordon Sato, who helped change their lives for the better, and it all started with some special trees.

Developing this curriculum is a wonderful example of how the UMW and our Sunday School collaborated to share our belief in social action as tangible ways to show our love of God and neighbor.

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