By: La Donna Chase

Many of you are still asking about our son Eric’s hike along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), that he took last year. The PCT covers 2,660 miles from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Our son started his journey in the Laguna Mountains and ended it in Oregon. He covered about 900 miles in approximately four months. Before he left, he spent a few weeks at our house packing provisions in many boxes with addresses along the trail. It was our job to mail the boxes at the correct time so he could pick them up in a town and have enough food for the next leg of his journey. The Sunday before he left, Pastor Jeanette asked him to talk to the congregation at both services about why he was undertaking such a grueling journey (especially since his doctors were telling him he needed a hip replacement!). My husband and I were very proud when he said this was something he always wanted to do and was just stepping out in faith and knew that God would sustain him. He was helped on his way by many “Trail Angels,” people who live along the trail ​who leave water and food out on the trail that any hiker could take if needed.

Eric only made it to Idyllwild when we got a phone call saying he thought he had broken his ankle. Off we went to bring him home. The good news was it wasn’t broken and he resumed his trip in Idyllwild three weeks later. In a little town in Central California, his boots were stolen so Mom and Dad had to send another pair; the three days of rest really recharged him. He limped into Ashland, Oregon on September 23, 2015, very appreciative of the many prayers from our congregation and the prayers of friends and family. His faith was stronger than ever and he had the knowledge that he could do anything with God’s help.

When he got home to San Francisco, his employer who had promised to save his job for him until he returned changed his mind and he was let go. Not to be deterred, he went out and got a better job, one that he absolutely loves and sees a better future ahead. God is so good!!pct-large.jpg

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