Prayer Quilt Ministry at Foothills & Beyond

Prayer Quilt Ministry at Foothills & Beyond

By: Julie Leonard

Eighteen years ago, Foothills UMC started a chapter of Prayer Quilt Ministry. We are Chapter #3 of what has now grown to over 1,200 chapters around the world. We have been so blessed and so supported by this church that we decided to share our blessings with a chapter that is just starting up ​its ministry. PQM headquarters sent us the contact information for the brand new Chapter #1,206 at Temecula UMC. We invited them to our meeting on Saturday, 5/28. Not only did they show up, but so did a representative of the new chapter #1,204 at St. Catherine Leboure. God gave us a two-for! But He wasn’t done with us yet. A church member stopped in before the meeting for a prayer square for his childhood friend who is in his last days. We got the report that a quilt recipient had successful heart surgery, a PQM member attended in great health after cancer surgery, and a new FUMC member came to check check out our ministry. Then, just as the meeting was getting started, a very distraught woman came to our door. When she calmed down enough, we found out she had just moved to the area, was passing the church and pulled in to look for help. Her son who's in the Navy just found out he is being deployed to a very dangerous region and is terrified, especially since he isn’t sure of his faith. We gave her love, comfort, prayers, tied a prayer square for her son, encouraged her to come back to Foothills for more support, and started the process for her to get her own prayer quilt. All of this happened in front of our new chapters. We all got to see God working through PQM in dramatic action.

Thank you to Foothills UMC for your years of support which has allowed us to reach out and cover so many in prayers. God is truly with us.

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