The Effects of Prayer

The Effects of Prayer

By: Steve Hable

We are all familiar with the power of prayer. Author Ted Dekker said, “Prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has.” As a congregation, we pray for individuals in our church and for relatives, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Many times we offer prayers for people we have never met. The effects of those prayers are astounding.

prayer1.jpgRecently my oldest daughter Nicole was struck with a ruptured brain aneurysm. According to statistics from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, ruptured aneurysms are fatal in 40% of the cases and result in some permanent neurological deficit in 66% of the survivors. Before I went to the airport to be with her, I stopped by the church to see Pastor Eric and also picked up a “prayer square” that was tied by the Chancel Choir. Like all families in this situation, we prayed for the best possible outcome. We have been very blessed because it appears Nicole will completely recover over the next few months.

I know prayer had a significant role and not just in my daughter’s recovery. The surgeon, the nurses and many of the Intensive Care personnel told me that they believed people were praying for them as they operated on Nicole. It helped them through the long hours of surgery and critical care follow-up. As I was flying back to the Midwest to see her in the hospital, I could also feel the power of your prayers of support for me and the rest of our family during this very emotional ordeal.

God listens to prayer. We may not always get the miracle recovery, but we will always get the comfort of God’s grace to help us through the ordeals we face. Prayer works and it is the most powerful thing you can do for others.

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