2018 UMW Awards

2018 UMW Awards

By: Karen Rausis

In addition to having our own, wonderful Pastor Lori Doyle leading us during the annual UMW Sunday services on January 28th, we were pleased to honor three quiet disciples.

Izzy Cruz has been a dedicated FUMC and FUMY attendee for the last six years. She's given 200+ volunteer hrs towards Mission Trips, as an Elementary Camp Counselor, during VBS, with the El Nido Christmas Tree Project, Canned Food Drives, Rummage Sales and the coffee cart. She also does the dishes and clean up after UMW gatherings and provides FUMC childcare.

Paula Perry sings in the choir, she's on the Mission's Committee and has gone on several mission trips). She also chaired the mission rummage sale and worked very hard for UMW on their sale, including arranging pickups of furniture etc. In December Paula led the cleaning out of clothing and other items at GSMC.

Marc Taylor offers a cheerful, warm, welcome to all on Sunday mornings and, incredibly, he knows most people attending by name! He has also been a faithful helper at our rummage sales for some time and is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done.

Join UMW members in honoring and congratulating our recipients this year.

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