UMW's 2016 Quiet Disciple

UMW's 2016 Quiet Disciple

Rosemary Bentley

Every spring the Foothills United Methodist Women selects someone to honor as a “Quiet Disciple.” A “Quiet Disciple” is someone whose ministry is accomplished in a quiet and unassuming manner, who inspires others with her inner strength and whose faith and actions are a blessing to everyone she encounters.

However, this year the Foothills United Methodist Women has selected a Quiet Disciple who is really not very quiet as she keeps very busy in so many ways. Her name is Alice Broadhurst. Although Alice came to Foothills from the Northwest just a few years ago, it did not take her long to become active at Foothills.

Within the United Methodist Women she has been serving as the Coordinator for Membership and also for Communications. She has lots of fresh ideas, edited the Yearbook and makes sure that UMW events are well publicized.

In addition Alice is active in the Ruth/Sarah Circle and attends a church Bible study. She is currently reorganizing the two church kitchens and planning a “kitchen shower.” Alice is doing so many things for Foothills and UMW. We would find it difficult to exist without her efficient, dedicated and caring services. Alice is quick to size up a need and address it. She truly fulfills the qualifications of a “Quiet Disciple.”

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