2017 UMW Quiet Disciple

2017 UMW Quiet Disciple

By: Rosemary Bentley and the Foothills UMW

The Foothills United Methodist Women of La Mesa, CA are please to announce the selection of Kathy Myers as our "Quiet Disciple" for 2017. She fits the description of one, as she is quiet and unassuming, but is always eager to volunteer her services. Kathy joined Foothills UMW in 2015 and almost immediately became active on the board.

Kathy attended Mission U last summer and plans to go back this summer. With that experience plus her training as a public school teacher, Kathy has done an excellent job of teaching the UMW recommended studies to our circle members.

Kathy has also assumed the responsibilities for the dining room setups and getting helpers for our UMW dinner meetings. Foothills has two kitchens and Kathy has offered to help reorganize them. She continues to make sure that the kitchens are kept clean and supplied with necessities. Some call her our 'kitchen elf.'

Kathy is a very friendly person and an inspiration to our board. We believe that she truly fulfills the qualifications of a "Quiet Disciple."

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