Cleric's Column - Love Is...

Cleric's Column - Love Is...

By: Pastor Eric Smith

There is an event coming up at Foothills on Saturday night, June 6, entitled, Love Is… I want to share more about the event and the Foothills group that is hosting it.

reconciling-fellowship-logo.jpgThe Reconciling Fellowship of Foothills is a new fellowship group that has been active for about a year. The group is made up of Foothills members – about 60 people. Love Is… is the inaugural event of the Fellowship.

The purpose of the fellowship is to extend ourselves in love to the LGBT members of Foothills and the larger community with the message that God loves all of God’s children and Foothills is serious when we say, Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.

Use of the word, reconciling, as half the name of Reconciling Fellowship, suggests that there has been brokenness, or wounding, that needs to be healed; and it is specifically directed toward the LGBT community.

I am also sensitive that this is a difficult discussion for some of our Foothills members. We are all entitled to our opinions. That said, the church, and especially Foothills, is a big tent – we can all be here, together. We have a large number of gay people in our membership. I am proud of them. We have at least one family raising a transgender child. I am so proud of them. They belong here, in God’s church – we all belong here.

The Love Is… event takes place on a Saturday night. There is no need for anyone who does not want to participate to attend. But if you are curious I know you will be moved by Love Is…

We will celebrate multiple expressions of love as represented in the concepts of love in the New Testament. The evening will feature personal accounts of remarkable love stories teamed with movie clips and live music. Danielle LoPresti, San Diego indie music artist and organizer is set to perform.
It will be a great evening together.

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