Many Served at the Shepherd's Closet

Many Served at the Shepherd's Closet

By: Paula Perry

Serving our guests continues in a safe manner in conjunction with the Saturday morning time of service with The Bethlehem Food Pantry and the Little Lambs Diaper Ministry. We bag items of clothing and hand those bags directly to people on foot or into the open car windows as our guests proceed through the service line. We marvel at the expansion this one morning of service is experiencing! The Closet re-opened in July and since then we have been keeping track of our “volume” of giving so that we could quantify in some way the effectiveness of our work. It is simply a month-by-month count here, but we keep track of each type of clothing given so we know what we need.

July Men: 67 Women: 99
August           134    231
September   183    347

It’s growing! We continue to receive wonderful donations which we process each week. We choose items that are in good condition and practical for use by our guests. In the current Covid constraints, we are unable to give out things like shoes, handbags, and belts.

We appreciate the donations and look forward to that continuation. For Men, most requested are t-shirts of two varieties, A-style and short sleeved. Women appreciate tops and cotton underwear. All sizes are needed as we clear our present supplies.

When we receive donations of childrens’ clothing, we pass infant sizes up to 3T to the Little Lambs Diaper Ministry so they can pair clothing with the giving of diapers to the numerous families that come by in the line.

Halloween will have a party atmosphere for our guests with treats included in the bags we give. We plan to decorate and maybe even wear costumes!

Celebrate Christmas will provide more opportunities for support of our clothing ministry. This is certainly a busy time of year!
Blessings, The Closet Crew

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