Throwing Rocks at Tanks

Throwing Rocks at Tanks

By: Raymond Swavely

Many people knew Spencer Topham from his younger years at Foothills. I had the privilege of knowing Spencer mainly in my dealings with Young Adult ministries. Spencer was the District Young Adult  Coordinator for a time, a YA Leader, and youth leader. We would often meet at Starbucks and later in his office in Mission Hills. We would meet and talk frankly about YA ministries and brain storm. Mainly I would meet with Spencer about how to obtain monies for all of the YA ministry programs. We would discuss grant applications and ways to drum up funds. In many of our grant writings, we realized that we would more than likely not receive a grant. In our many discussions, we decided to submit the grant applications anyway. If we did not get the grant , we would still be putting the issue out there by bringing some awareness towards the needs of Young Adults. We decided it was like THROWING ROCKS AT TANKS. On one occasion Spencer drove an hour and a half on a Saturday to give an oral presentation and then turn in four grant requests for a YA Leaders. It was a great pleasure throwing rocks with Spencer Topham. Whenever I throw a Rock, he will be with me.

A memorial for Spencer will be held at Foothills on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 2 pm.

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