Tentgeps Campout a Success!

Tentgeps Campout a Success!

By: Marge Woods

A group of 50 Foothillians attended a campout at Oakzanita Campground near Julian over the weekend of October 27 to 29. Some stayed in tents, some in RV’s and some in cabins. Everyone was free to do what they desired for the whole weekend; however, we did have a potluck Saturday evening, followed by campfires, singing, and S’mores, and on Sunday morning, Rev. Jeanette did a casual, kid-friendly worship service.

And what did everyone do with all this free time? The weather was beautiful, which made a variety of activities very desirable. A lot of the kids were playing volleyball and tetherball. Mini-golf was enjoyed by several families. It was warm enough for others to go swimming in the beautiful, heated pool. Some more adventurous souls took to the hills for a vigorous hike up Stonewall Peak. A large group went for lunch and apple pie in Julian. And then there were those who enjoyed just relaxing at their campsites, some quietly reading and others socializing with their Foothillian campground neighbors.

For the children, many enjoyed a morning craft, carmel apples after lunch, and then trick or treating around to the Tentpegs campsites before the potluck.

After the potluck Saturday evening, songs were sung around the campfires while marshmallows were roasting in the flames. I heard there were even a few scary ghost stories told. The evenings were definitely a time for gathering as a community and sharing a good time with old friends and meeting new people. Rev. Greg, his wife Tania, and sons Wes and Dan came up for a few hours to join in on the fun.

On Sunday morning, Rev. Jeanette involved the children in a worship service, where they participated in reading the Bible verse, leading a song, and listening with the adults to a story about the importance of generosity. Pledge cards were consecrated and blessed. After the meaningful service, people hugged and said their goodbyes, then packed up to return home.

A heartfelt thanks to Chris and Kaitlyn Woods for breathing life back into the Tentpegs Ministry!

Did you miss out? The next Tentpegs camping trip will be April 13-15, 2018, at the Idyllwild Thousand Trails Campground. Put it on your calendar, and watch for it! It offers so many varied opportunities for fellowship and enjoying the beautiful surroundings!

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