Thank You!

Thank You!

eastDear family and friends,
Your very generous outpouring of love and appreciation for me and my family these past several weeks will never be forgotten. Sunday morning, December 27, was a day of great joy and celebration and I will cherish each kind and genuine word of gratefulness. I will be strengthened and encouraged by each and every hug and smile. Your cards have already provided reasons to laugh and cry as I have shared them with family on the East Coast this past week. Thank you!

The sharing of music, worship, mission trips, Bible study, prayer, grief, concerts, dinners, meetings, fundraisers, dreams and hopes with you over the past 20+ years have been a way of life that has fed my heart and soul. Our experiences together have shaped our relationships and sealed our love as brothers and sisters in Christ for always. Isn't that comforting? We do not have to give up anything that we have shared or experienced together. We can claim each moment together as ‘our stories,’ and we will continue to build on those stories in different ways in the days ahead. I look forward to that. Thank you, again, for looking back with me.

And now, I thank you for being people who will look forward to something and someone new. I pray that he or she is already being prepared to love and support the music ministry at Foothills, and to be loved and supported by you. It will be a life changing experience for all. It was for me.

Praise be to God!

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