Thank You, Foothills!

Thank You, Foothills!

By: Rev. Christian DeMent

As the time nears for my appointment change to Santee United Methodist Church, I am in a hectic, yet contemplative place. I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday the 28th and rejoicing in God’s work through my 18 years at Foothills. In this space, I specifically want to share reflections as the founding and lead pastor of FOUNDRY.

In a time of declining church attendance and congregations closing in our own conference, Rev. John Farley invited me to be part of something new….something growing! Yes, it was daunting and yes, Kelli and I were anxious about the ways it might change our lives. But it was also exhilarating! From the first “Lydia Home” exploration meetings that Foothills leadership held in 2007, I was excited about this church’s passion to transplant their unique DNA into a new faith-life community in East Chula Vista. What was clear from the beginning was that while I might lead this charge, I was one of many who would dedicate themselves to this venture. I could feel the “great cloud of witnesses” that Paul spoke of in Hebrews who would support FOUNDRY with their prayers, their finances, their volunteer work and their attendance.

Inevitably, this reflection leads me to a place of gratitude. Foothills family, you have started a great work at FOUNDRY. Lives have been changed because of this ministry. Quite simply, thank you! FOUNDRY is a church that is growing. Thank you for listening to that radical voice of God that urged the building of a new church when current culture was telling us church was passé. God through Christ lives at Foothills and that loving spirit of outreach is never passé! You enabled a new channel for grace and I am forever humbled that you trusted me to nurture it into existence. It’s exciting now to see how new leadership will carry the baton going forward. Of this I am confident – Foothills’ investment in FOUNDRY has had eternal consequences in building the Kingdom of God!

There isn’t room to name names here, but you know who you are…
Thank you for stopping me when I was at Foothills and telling me you were praying for FOUNDRY.
Thank you for donating money when FOUNDRY needed to purchase equipment to get started.
Thank you for dedicating weekends and late evenings to prepare our sanctuary for worship.
Thank you for hearing my frustrations and listening to my joys as FOUNDRY began growing.
Thank you for volunteering at events that introduced FOUNDRY to its new community.
Thank you for attending FOUNDRY on a regular basis, just to remind us you were supporting us.For all the ways you helped FOUNDRY and all the times you brought this ministry to God in prayer, I am so grateful. Since I’m not moving very far away, I look forward to you remaining in my life so I can show my appreciation in person. I pray God’s continued blessing on Foothills UMC and your ministries going forward!

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