Completing the Story

Completing the Story

By: Rev. Jeanette Ham

Class participants completed their 10 week study overview of the Old Testament as part of The Story class. Led by teachers Ellen Bertelsen and Kathy Morrison, this class was the culmination of leading class participants through the New Testament last fall and then the Old Testament during the spring and ending with this final class.

“Definitely a worthwhile study,” shared class participant William Teysko. He added that the class was a great recap of the Old Testament made interesting by the video comments of the author as well as the insights and questions in the workbook.

Learning about the Bible is a lot about learning what God’s will is for God’s people. Though it’s important to learn about the content of the Bible, it is equally important to allow ourselves to be transformed by what we are learning. Our focus isn’t to grow “intellectual giants” but rather to grow our faith. In our studies we should ask ourselves, “How is this leading me to a deeper faith in Christ?”

The last class of The Story concluded with the class leaders asking participants to, “Close your eyes and think about these two questions: ‘Why did God send Jesus into the world?’” and, 'Why should you be thankful that God sent his Son into the world?’"

William expressed why it was an “aha” moment for him. “It’s all about love. God loved the Jews as His own people. But, where does that leave me … I am not a Jew? And that is the reason God sent me Jesus. Jesus is the savior of the Gentiles as well as the Jews. So God loved us Gentiles too. It was Jesus – his life and sacrifice that allowed me into the kingdom of God and to have that salvation … to be redeemed from my sins. Jesus did not hold himself from the Gentiles … there was the woman at the well, the Centurion, the casting out demons called Legion. Jesus was for all people … sent by God.”

Teysko then added, “I am thankful for the simple but important Law given by Jesus. Love God, love each other. There is nothing more important than that.”

The pastors at Foothills are grateful for our committed cadre of leaders whom spend the time studying, preparing and caring for the people in their groups and classes.  As a church, we are very fortunate to have such dedicated, effective teachers and facilitators.

Folks looking for more opportunities to learn and grow in their faith can register for our Advent class, The Journey to Bethlehem, beginning December 3 or the spiritual growth groups beginning in January.  The Bible in Between welcomes folks to drop-in any Sunday at 9:35 a.m. for Bible study. We will also be posting additional classes this spring on our website that will include a Financial Peace class and a Lenten experience. With 27 participants having participated in The Story thus far, we hope to offer the class again in 2014. 


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