Honorary United Methodist Women

Honorary United Methodist Women

By: Emma King

On January 26, 2014 the Foothills United Methodist Women honored several of our church’s members with a Special Membership to the UMW. These are people who have gone beyond the regular scope of volunteerism. They are Bob Harless, Linda Wikstrom, and Jackie Wikstrom.

Bob is always around the church fixing things that need fixing. He’s the church’s “fix-it guy”. In fact, there is a box in the church office that is “Bob’s Job Box” and all the things that need doing are put in that box. When asked to do something, he never says no. He’s on the Board of Trustees, he delivers Meals on Wheels, and also delivers welcome mugs to first time visitors. He maintains the Memorial Garden, is on the Security Detail on Sunday mornings, and mans the welcome kiosk periodically. He works with the Youth Group and assisted in the Youth Mission trip last summer.

Bob retired from Alta Dena, is a Vietnam veteran, is married to Becky and they have four children. They like traveling. Thanks, Bob, for all your time and expertise.

Linda Wikstrom, and her mother-in-law Jackie Wikstrom have been selected to receive the special membership from the United Methodist Women of Foothills for their ministry with the Wil-mats. They took over the ministry of making Wil-Mats after Wilma Groh, Linda’s mother passed away. Wilma was a long-time member of our church. The Wil-Mats are named in honor of her and she designed and made them using recycled plastic bags from supermarkets and stores. The resulting mats are water-resistant and are donated to homeless people, who need a dry place to lay down in the evening, plus they can also help with keeping a person warm. To date they have donated around 200 mats.

Thank you Linda and Jackie for keeping Wilma’s memory alive, her project going and for helping the homeless.

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