The 2015 UMW Special Awards

The 2015 UMW Special Awards

By: Rosemary Bentley

Last Sunday, January 11, was United Methodist Women Sunday, with the UMW handling church services. Rev. Darin Arntson, daughter of Rev. Cindy Arntson who was our Associate Pastor some years ago, preached. Also the United Methodist Women presented Special Recognition Awards to three persons in our congregation. These awards are given to honor individuals for doing a special task or for their dedicated service for a series of smaller tasks for missions, our church, or the community. Each recipient received a plaque and a pin. A monetary gift to missions has been given by the United Methodist Women.

The first person to be recognized has been a member of the United Methodist Women for over 12 years, preparing the yearbook, doing the publicity for UMW, as well as chairing a fashion show a few years ago. She also has helped out with church accounting, our rummage sales and most UMW activities. This award went to Emma King.

The second award went to a man who serves Foothills in many ways. He has been on the property committee and done a lot of work around the church such as helping to install the reflector lights by the Avocado Boulevard entrances and spreading sand for the preschool playground. He also built the box that short people can stand on at the pulpit, and made a well for Women at the Well. He is a great helper at the rummage sales and picks up furniture donations. This second award went to Denver King.

The third award went to a young man who started coming to Foothills at the age of three when he attended the Foothills Preschool. Now he is very involved with our youth program and the young adult group. He teaches Sunday School, helps with the 4th & 5th grade youth on Wednesdays, works with the coffee cart on Sundays and in the summer assists with DAB (day at the beach) and summer camp.

Besides helping the youth our recipient is always willing to assist with projects for the church and community, such as assembling bikes for La Roca. In addition to all of these activities this person helps senior citizens and still has time to attend Cuyamaca College. This third award went to Ray Swavely Jr.

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