What if Jesus were found in a bottle of shampoo?

What if Jesus were found in a bottle of shampoo? By Susan Naslund

"Smile, Jesus Loves You." I saw this phrase on a billboard the other day, and it made me furrow my brow more than smile. Maybe people who are hurting will find Jesus on the side of the highway, but it seems unlikely to me that a sentiment on a road sign will cause them to break out in a grin. Where then, will those who are hungry for hope discover God's love for them? I believe many recently found Jesus in a bottle of shampoo.

common ground tea.jpgEarlier this year, the Common Ground Collaborative asked our Foothills family to gather all of those travel sized bottles of lotion, soap, shampoo, and conditioner you have collected from hotels, and donate them to the young girls of our Common Ground schools. Emily Burke, a high school senior, carefully sewed more than 150 purses and tucked the small bottles in each one, along with a matching wash cloth, handmade bracelet and a bookmark. The purses were then placed at each seat for the fifth grade girls who attended our tea parties this spring. The girls were delighted with the gifts, and their smiles showed that they felt the love of Christ which was conveyed through Emily to the girls in the small bottles of of shampoo.

Because of your generosity there were many more toiletries than were needed for the party favors, so they were sent to the students at the La Roca Orphanage in Tijuana. Having one's own supply of hygiene products will be a welcome gift. Once again, those little bottles will be tangible signs of God's loving care passed along from one person to another.

Common Ground can no longer collect or store those travel sized toiletries (We are happily making room for the new kindergarten class). We do not yet know what the next tea party favor will be, but we will definitely let you know so that you will have another opportunity to share the love of Christ in our community. It will certainly bring smiles to the faces who receive those small gifts.

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