What is there were no volunteers?

What is there were no volunteers? By Sue Ranck

I was sitting at my desk in the front office of Foothills one day, and something caught my attention. It was the desk across from me…it looked different today… something was missing. It was the volunteer desk, without a volunteer sitting there. I had gotten so used to seeing somebody there everyday, that it made me think, “Gosh, what if we didn’t have any volunteers?”

volunteer lunch.jpgIn the 7 months that I have been working here at Foothills, I have come to realize just how important our volunteers are to us. The men and women that give so much of their time are amazing people. They ask for nothing in return except for the joy that it gives them just to help out. What would it be like without them? I thought about that for a moment. Without them… the phone might be answered by a machine instead of a friendly voice. Without them… we might not have a smiling face to greet our friends and visitors at the door. Without them… the staff might have to make their own copies; fold their own flyers; mail their own letters and staple their own packets. The odd jobs like fixing a faucet; painting a Sunday school room, fixing a door handle or replacing a light fixture might have to be hired out. Without them… who would spend 40 hours a week to sort clothes for the rummage sale, or move furniture and cabinets from one end of the campus to another, or wash 100’s of cups and saucers so our 4th grade girls could experience a special tea. They’re all volunteers!

Since I have been here, I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many of them and am proud to call them my friends. I have always said, “This is such a fun place to work, and I am so blessed to be here!” And I truly believe it has to do with the people that you are surrounded by. So, to all our volunteers, thank you for all you do. We would not be Foothills without the Folks! And most of all, thanks for making me laugh!

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