Worship Daily

Worship Daily

By: Steve Hable

No, I am not suggesting we have services every day. I am suggesting we find ways to worship God every day. There are various ways to worship. Some are more structured than others. For example, there are guides for reading the entire Bible during a year. It’s a great way to start the day by reading Scripture and talking to God about how it relates to your life. Another popular way to worship is to get a daily devotional book. There are dozens of excellent daily devotional books on the market. In addition to referring the reader to specific Bible verses, the author offers a thought provoking commentary or prayer. I am currently reading a devotional book “Jesus Calling”. The book lists Scripture to read and encouraging commentary as if Jesus were speaking to the reader. For me it is a great way to start my day.

Worship doesn’t have to be structured. One of the best examples I know of is about a man named Nicholas Herman, who later became better known as Brother Lawrence (1611-1691). He worked in the kitchen in the monastery. He performed menial tasks like sweeping the floor and washing the utensils. Instead of bemoaning his status in life, Brother Lawrence offered praise and prayer to God for providing him the opportunity to serve God’s servants in the monastery! He performed his daily duties with reverence and gratitude. Brother Lawrence writes, “I make it my business only to persevere in his holy presence……or, to put it another way, a habitual, silent and secret conversation of my soul with God.”

Whether you study The Bible, use devotional books or even while doing chores, take the opportunity daily to praise God and thank him for all of the gifts he has provided in your life. See you on campus.

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