A Youth Director's Self Evaluation

A Youth Director's Self Evaluation

By: Sharon Russo

I have learned that there is no “OFF” button when working with the youth and since I started this job on Nov 1st, 2013 my heart, soul, mind, spirit and body have invested one million five hundred ten thousand five hundred and sixty minutes. There is not one minute that I would trade or change. The good, the challenging, the love, the laughter, the heartbreak, the tears, the lessons, the talks and the adventures. Each minute has shaped me, molded me and continues to teach me how to be better.

There have been so many accomplishments in the last year: from as small as re-wrapping the van to remodeling the youth lounge, refreshing a confirmation program to igniting a young adult group, from building a house in Mexico to never being over budget. But, I can’t list these under “What I accomplished” because none of them were possible without the roots of our congregation, the limbs of my co-workers and the support of my amazing volunteer youth leaders. However, the pride I carry fills my heart and gives me the strength and courage to continue this journey. What I am most looking forward to in the year ahead is exactly more of what every minute has been in the past. I’m most excited for the possibility of growth in the youth group, continued success with the young adults, another mission trip in the summer and learning how to navigate on becoming our District’s Youth Coordinator.

Here’s to the next Million Minutes!

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