Foothills News for 10.5.15

Foothills News for 10.5.15
October 5, 2015
The Spotlight
Dear Friends, I really hope that you will join me in worship in the coming weeks for a sermon series entitled Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. Our nation is experiencing what many have described as the "American Nightmare." Increasing consumer debt, declines in savings, lower income growth, rising housing costs, and a volatile stock market are all contributing to economic insecurity. We live in a society that tells us "you deserve it now," whether or not we can afford it or really even need it. I'm sure we've all struggled with these issues at one time or another. I know that I have.
During the month of October, we are going to explore what the Bible teaches us about financial management. We'll look at what others have learned by working through financial challenges and watch some informative video clips. Each week I'll be providing you with some tools you can use to assess your financial situation and develop a financial plan with a biblical foundation. These are important issues that we cannot ignore. I hope you will join me as we look at how we can manage our financial resources and truly experience that God is "Enough." In Christ, Pastor Eric Smith

Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity & Generosity
Read what the October faith foundation
program is all about in this article.
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What's Happening at Foothills
Moms Connect Resumes October 7      
Do you need a time out?" is the title of the MomsConnect presentation on October 7, at 6:00 p.m. in the Youth Center. Speaker Mimi Breaux is a retired RN who will share some simple, practical tips for dealing with the everyday stresses of modern life, working full time and being a mom. Read More
Foothills Folks Oktoberfest/Halloween  
The next Foothills Folks will be a fusion of Oktoberfest and Halloween. Brats and Saurkraut with peppers and onions on the side will be served. Then we will be entertained by fiddler duo Willow and Alex. Come out for this great and energetic pot-luck luncheon. Read More
Brewing Faith at Hooley's Grossmont 10/7 
Brewing Faith is an opportunity to have a conversation on questions of faith with pastor Eric in a casual environment. The group will meet at 6:30 pm on the patio at the Hooley's Irish Pub in Grossmont Center.
Reiki Light Touch Energy Healing at Foothills
Reiki master and Foothills member Kathy Cueva will be hosting an appointment-only clinic here at Foothills on Sunday, October 18 at 1 pm, to treat participants with the ancient healing power of Reiki. The healing art form is used to treat all maladies, practiced by many and utilized in our local hospitals by Kathy herself. Contact Kathy
Rummage Sale Happening This Week      
The rummage sale is one of Foothills' most profitable fundraisers and the next one begins with collection October 4, then come on back on 10/8 to shop for some new treasures! This is a fantastic opportunity for our church to raise funds and also provide outreach to the nearby community. Read More
Your Spiritual Gifts: God's Vision     
SDSU Professor Dr. Larry Beck offers again his four-session class on spiritual gifts beginning Tues., 10/6 at 6:30 pm. This class uses scientifically-proven tools to help participants identify their unique, God-given gifts and abilities. Then, students learn how to utilize these gifts in service to God and the church. Read More and Register
Women at the Well Returns     
Women at the Well is back October 12 after a summer break with acclaimed speaker, Arlene Pellicane who will address "If Life is a Party, Why Wasn't I Invited?" Learn how to enjoy the abundant life promised by Jesus every single day. Doors open at 5:30 and a delicious meal is served at 6 pm. Read More
Bake Cookies for the Next Kairos Retreat   
The Foothills Kairos missionaries will be heading to RJ Donovan prison to share the Word and the hope of God with the inmates there. There are many ways to be a part of the mission, chief among them being the baking of cookies which are a strong invitational element of the retreat. Cookies needed on 10/25. Read More
German Choir Performance, Needs Housing 
On October 23 at 7 pm, Foothills is pleased to present a visiting youth choir from Einbeck Germany in concert in the Sanctuary. Everyone is invited to enjoy this special event. We are also in need of hosts for the youth and their families while they are in San Diego. If you can provide a place for them, contact Carol Paton
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