Daily Bible Reading

We have developed a reading plan that will result in taking you through the Bible in a year and includes the New Testament twice. Each day includes chapters from both the Old and New Testaments. Psalms and Proverbs are woven in the reading throughout the year. Reading like this gives you a more balanced perspective of God’s Word and reveals many amazing links that you may otherwise miss. You will find today’s Bible reading at the top of this page. Choose Ready, Set, or Go.

Before you start reading, pray and say, ‘God speak to me out of your Word.’ The following is a journaling technique that we believe you will find very helpful.

  • Scripture: Select and write from today's reading.
  • Observation: Write a personal observation from the selected scripture.
  • Application: Write a description of a way to apply this to your life today.
  • Prayer: Write a little prayer.

If you do happen to miss a day or so, don’t punish yourself and try to catch up. You will just get discouraged. Just start with the current day. Do your best and do not become legalistic--it is not a spiritual checklist.