Our Prayer Ministries at Foothills

Foothills United Methodist Church cares for its members as well as the people in our community and world.
We offer several areas to support those in need:

Our Pastoral Care Team


Rev. Greg Batson
Rev. Lori Doyle

Volunteer Lay
Team Members

Steve Hable
Denise Serino
Shirley Mellien
Dick Mellien
Ali Jacobsen
Sheri Etter
Kathy Cueva

Monday and Tuesday Morning Prayer Ministry

As the congregation of Foothills grows, ​so does the need for a devoted, deepening and dynamic prayer ministry.
Two opportunities are available to serve in the Foothills Prayer Ministry:

Monday Prayer Ministry: Meets each Monday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Library. During their time together, they join the ministers and staff in prayer for each prayer request received during the week. They also pray for those with long-term needs and for all the programs in the church.

Tuesday Prayer Ministry: Meets each Tuesday at 8:00 am at the Rancho San Diego Denny's on Jamacha rd. They pray for those who request prayers and healing.

If you feel called to become a "prayer partner" for our church, please contact us. You will find that your own blessings and joys abound as you share in this gift of God's grace. For questions or more information about the Monday Group, call Rev. Lori Doyle in the church offices at 619-670-4009.