Prayer Requests

April 24, 2018
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)


James Marsh: prayers for work.


Paun Atkinson: friend, May,  who was injured by a shopping cart, and for the one who hit her; prayers for healing.

Lin Lewis: for friend Bobbie C. in Colorado having cancer surgery.

Kim and Alex Elliot: for Bartell family, and Ryan Bartell dealing with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Healing for all who are sick: Kim, Jim, and Jim’s Dad

Janet Hall: for daughter in laws mother Karen, liver failure.

Jen and Laura Harper Wright: for Doug Harper - cancer. Joy Wright who has Parkinson’s

Leslie Davies: for Betsy and husband, recently diagnosed with cancer.

For Leslie’s mother’s friend at retirement home whose son has cancer.

Nancy L. Young: eye surgery the end of June.

Pastor Greg: Candy Schmidt begin treated for kidney and bladder infection. Keep daughter Tiffany in prayer as well.

Michele Chabot:  Bob Bechtelheimer remains in hospital with serious infection.

Elaine Davies: for friend Anne W who had a stroke. Prayers for full healing, and traveling mercies for family coming from East Coast.  Anne still grieving lost of husband, so prayers for comfort.

Mary Harris: brother Bob Kern; diagnosed with melanoma, which metastasized. Prayers for specialist doctors to find the best treatment plan. And prayers for his healing.


The gift of praying without ceasing!

Shirley Farrell: thankful for the e-newsletters.


Floyd Strong: terminal kidney failure.