Prayer Requests

​October 23, 2018

The thousands of refugees, men, women and children, walking to our country right now; Prayers for their safety and for our wise and compassionate response to their needs.
Bonnie Chambers: peace with herself and the Lord.
Dick and Shirley Mellien: traveling mercies for their trip to the east Coast.
Joyce MacKinnon: for the young mid-wife, Carissa, as she had a difficult time in assisting in a delivery, and prayers for the young mother who lost her newborn child.
Rosemary Bentley: for friend, Paula, who recently lost husband and now has a life threatening cancer. Prayers for her healing, strength and comfort.
Sandy Thomas: friend Dorothy Z, asking prayers for her dad, Emil, in bad health and in ICU.
Beth Ott: continued prayers for Jan Crutz and family on the passing of her Jan’s brother Roger.
Linda Wickstrom and family on the passing of Jackie Wickstrom, her mother in law. 
Beth Ott: daughter Katy coming home in December after working overseas.
Pastor Lori: thanksgiving that her brother’s thyroid tumor was benign, and his surgery to remove the tumor and his thyroid was successful, and his healing is going well. 
Barbara Neff: thanksgiving for our prayers for her DMV test—she passed! 
Beth Leonard: Guy Leonard’s  sister in law: caregiver for husband with cancer. Prayers for a stem cell match, and for the long term strength for the treatment.