Prayer Requests

​June 19, 2018
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)


James Marsh: traveling mercies while in Canada and Alaska

Pastor Lori: for Santo and her family as she attends her immigration hearing next week.

Suzanne Vatuone: for reconciliation of families separated and for people seeking asylum.

Margie Gillis: for the separated children

Sue Ranck’s daughter, Jessica, having interview for anchor job in Abilene, TX.


Holly Yarris: for Bob’s health after his pace maker was put in.

Denise Serino: for Iker Garcia, 2 yr old, has neuroblastoma of the stomache, and currently in the hospital. Surround him and his parents, and siblings in prayers of comfort.

Pastor Lori: for Pastor Julie Elkins of Chapel of the Valley diagnosed with cancer near her eye.

Michele Chabot: for Sandra Carlton who fell and is in severe back pain.

Kristine Johanns: for Gillie S. who has Erdheim Chester Disease and has now stopped all treatments. Prayers for a peaceful transition and comfort for his wife, Suzie.

Kim and Jim Elliott: 1) prayers for Judee for healing.

2)Bethany and George and for a healthy baby.

Carol Palm: Dan’s surgery postponed until June 28, so please continue prayers.

Carol Paton: daughter Heather having medical tests for possible gall bladder issues.


Family of Doris Craig on her passing (husband also passed recently).


Carol and Al Paton celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Joy in having Ed Davis with us at worship!

Nancy R’s medical tests had good results.

Pastor Lori: For all those who stepped up to help our family staying at Good Shepherd Ministry Center.


Michelle Fox:  awaiting liver transplant. Pray a compatible liver will be found in time and the transplant will be successful.