Prayer Requests

​June 17, 2019

Prayerful Consideration

Bonnie Chambers: prayers for her family and for Felicia. 

Bob Annett: prayers for the United Methodist Church.

Health and Healing

Rebecca Grose: for her dog, Samantha, having health issues the Vet has not been able to solve. Prayers for diagnosis and healing. 

Rosemary Bentley: Prayers for two good friends. 1) Margie Howard Hartman had recent back surgery but is still in pain. 2) Joan H. in the hospital with pneumonia.

Margo Miller: for Harry B in medically induced coma for heart and lung issues.

Shirley and Mike Valley: for DeeDee Valley with painful ovarian cysts. 

Dick and Shirley Mellien: 1) prayers for Dick’s daughter, Kathy for healing from her reconstructive surgery.   2) Prayers for Shirley’s 8yr old grandson, Tommy , who was just diagnosed with leukemia and is beginning chemo treatments. 

Sue Kelly: Sue has a fractured hip socket, needs to not bear weight on that side for up to 8 weeks.  Home health care is bringing hospital bed because she cannot do stairs.  Prayers for rapid and complete healing and for God’s comfort and calming presence.

Tish Weamer: prayers for her neighbor who is hospitalized with pancreatic cancer. 


For the family of Stacey, a friend of Candy Schmitz. Stacey passed away unexpectedly.

Joys and Thanksgivings

Thank you to Corey Hable for his wonderful musical offering on Sunday.


Fred Bertelsen: Fred’s cancer has returned and he is facing a serious surgery. Prayers for peace, comfort and healing.