Prayer Requests

​January 21, 2019

  - Cindy Kellems gives thanks for the prayers for her elderly parents and for her husband’s elderly parents.
 - Lou Malmquist is returning home on Tuesday after over 2 months in the hospital/rehab. Her leg is healing well.
 - Barbara Davis gives thanks to all the “angels” who participated in Ed’s Celebration of Life.
 - Carolyn Prentice gives thanks for the Welcoming Ministry and enjoyed the visit and the mug. The mug is now her favorite.
 - Bob Annett gives thanks that Tom Spencer is returning home after a long hospital stay.
 - Pastor Jeanette Bragunier will be ordained as a Deacon in June at Conference!
 - Lois Gould has been in and out of the hospital with several health issues. She is home-bound at this time. 
 - Michele Chabot: for Anita, who has a viral infection and for Kathleen, who was in a car accident and has bruising.
 - Paul Duvall and Linda Miller: for friend Brian M. who has been in the hospital for several weeks after an emergency gall bladder surgery. Prayers for healing and return to good health.
 - Pat Pachura and Mick Michels: for Kim Vogel, a former Foothills member who now lives in Florida. Kim has a serious illness and is asking for prayers for help and healing.
 - Krystin Easterley and Bonnie Chambers: for Felicia Eversly, who is in the hospital.
 - Lesley Davies: for Auntie Mabel, who is on Hospice care and receiving a morphine drip for pain due to stomach cancer.
 - Rebecca Grose: for nephew Robby who is back in the hospital due to myasthenia gravis. Prayers for comfort and healing and for wisdom and guidance for Robby’s medical team. 
 - Joe Ann Long: for Judy Miller who is having a bronchoscopy and biopsy on Tuesday after a recent chest x-ray.
 - Prayers for the family of Nita Lively, who passed away recently.
 - Tim Young has cancer.
 - Marilyn Alexander is having  heart valve replacement surgery.