Prayer Requests

​February 17, 2020

Prayerful Consideration

Bryan Nelson prays that his family will be reunited. Prayers also that we will be united in our efforts to serve others.

Margo Miller: prayers for son, Richard, who was recently laid off and is seeking employment.

Jose Aguirre: prayers for his upcoming court case to receive his working papers and for his legal status.  

Rogelio E: prayers for traveling mercies, and for safety while he goes to be with his family in the Philippines. 

Muneera Yousif: prayers needed. 

Martin Howe: prayers for him as he makes a major health/life decision. 

Continued prayers for the premature baby of Kim Hyden Ufomata. 

Health and Healing

Jamil S.: prayers for healing of his kidney and his body.

Sue Kelly: prayers for friend Cathy who has a long recovery after surgery on her leg.

Mike Eulitt: prayers for his mother who is back in the hospital.

Greg Etter: continued prayers for healing after having his successful gall bladder surgery. 

Michele Chabot: prayers for husband Bob as he prepares for gall bladder surgery on Monday, Feb 24. Prayers for successful laparoscopic procedure and strong and steady recovery.

Suzanne Vattuone: prayers of thanksgiving that grandson, Ezra, is home from the hospital, but continued healing needed. 

Delores Hedquist: prayers for full recovery from her gall bladder surgery.

Peggy and Jack Dargitz: prayers for their great-grand daughter who is in NICU in Washington State with serious respiratory problems. 

Paul Duvall: (1) prayers for his grand niece  who is a week old in NICU with undiagnosed seizures. (2) continued prayers for his friend Tom Wilson and his serious health issues. Tom has felt our prayers and he and his family are appreciative.


Tim and Bonnie Cajka on the passing of Bonnie’s beloved mother Shirley on Friday.

Family of Robyn Hima who passed recently from cancer leaving a young family behind. 

Joys and Thanksgivings

Lisa Stewart: prayers of thanksgiving that her father Dan’s eye surgery went well. 


Brooklyn, 10 yr old daughter of Felicia Smith, a Good Shepherd friend. Brooklyn has scoliosis and is having surgery on her spine. Prayers for a safe and successful surgery, and a speedy recovery.

MaryAnn Elliott, sister of Kathy Ehrhard. MaryAnn was diagnosed with breast cancer; Prayers for healing and that her lymph nodes are cancer free.