Prayer Requests

January 16, 2022


Deanna Blake requests prayers for calm and peace as she prepares to see a new dentist for major dental work on January 19th.


District Superintendent Rev. Sandy Olewine invites us to pray for two congregations and pastors in the South District each week. This week we pray for:
Laguna Woods: Laguna Country UMC – Pastor, Doug William
Laguna Woods: Laguna Hills Korean UMC – Pastor, Hakoom Lim


Our condolences to Kim Stead and her family for the passing of her Uncle Don on January 10. Don had a long battle with cancer before his death.

Michael Eulitt's brother-in-law, Al Wiley, passed away peacefully on January 11. Prayers continue for Michael and his sister, Linda, as they grieve Al's passing.


For Kimberly Carlson's friend, who requests prayers for mental health, unity, and happiness.

For Pamela Campbell who is a friend of Beth Perrins. Pamela is having colon cancer surgery. Prayers are requested for strength, good outcome, and quick recovery.