Prayer Requests

February 13, 2018
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)

Prayerful Consideration: 

·         Lesley Davies – for the homeless man who was seeking shelter.  Prayers for shelter, protection and God’s love.

·         Elaine and Marc Northcutt – 1) Prayers for her to receive her certificate dealing with elder care; 2) for neighbor, Cole, for faith and discernment.

·         Kim and Alex Elliott – for Kira for faith and patience.

Health and Healing prayers:

·         Jeanette Bragunier asks prayers for Marcia Fox who is now home from the hospital, continuing chemotherapy and recovering from infection.

·         Steve Jones asks continued prayers for wife, Joanie, as she recovers at home.

·         Barbara Davis asks prayers for Ed, now in a memory care facility, Lantern Crest, in Santee.

·         Francine Dobbin asks prayers for Cousin Phil in the hospital with chest pain and Marissa who has a recurrence of breast cancer.

·         Don Jenkinson asks prayers for Dottie in hospital with fluid in her lungs.

·         Mary Harris asks prayers for Robert Kern, her brother, having immunotherapy treatment for cancer and Margaret, her sister, who has blurred vision and double vision and been diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

·         Debbie Williams asks prayers for her friend’s granddaughter, three months old, diagnosed with cancer.

Prayer Quilts:

·         Marchella Fox – pancreatic cancer