Prayer Requests

​March 30, 2020

Prayerful Consideration

Judy E.: Judy and her family have returned home after time spent in southern Africa. They were able with other tourists to fly back to the U.S. They are now quarantined at their home. At this point, they are healthy and Judy’s prayer request is that they stay in good health.

Health and Healing

Prayers for all the residents at La Vida Real, where COVID-19 has appeared.

Prayers for all those people who are in senior living facilities or nursing homes or rehab facilities to remain healthy and protected from COVID-19.

Cindy K.: Prayers for her mother-in-law, Jean, who lives at La Vida Real, and for her family.

Prayers for all Foothills members who live at La Vida Real.

Diana W.: Prayers for friend Duffy, who fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg and shattered her foot. She is in Rehab. in New York. Prayers for steady healing, relief of pain and a positive attitude as her recovery moves forward.

Cindy T.: Prayers for Vern and Barbara N. Vern has been diagnosed with walking pneumonia and Barbara continues her recovery from back surgery.Please pray for healing for Vern and decreased pain and full recovery for Barbara.

Shandra Z.: Friend David C. requests prayers for his mother-in-law who has cancer and is declining. Please pray for less pain and for peace for her. Prayers also for David and for the whole family. His mother-in-law lives in England.

Sandy P.: Prayers for Bob M., who fell and hit his head and spent some time at Sharp Grossmont. He did not lose consciousness. Bob is home now after 7 stitches. Please pray also for comfort and strength for Ann.

Beth O.: Prayers for Mary S., who is in fragile health with autoimmune conditions and also needs hip replacement. She goes to hospital for infusions every 4 weeks. Prayers also for granddaughter Kathryn, who lives with Mary.

Tish W.: Tish requests prayers from her faith family for patience, peace of mind and comfort as she is possibly facing another surgery due her ongoing struggle with cancerous tumors in her abdomen. Her scans show more tumors, some fast growing. She is quarantined right now at home, and is praying for God’s guidance for right treatment at the right time as she makes decisions about returning to Cedars Sinai for further treatment. Please pray also for God’s protection and love around Tish so she will be safe from virus or infection as she takes the next step with her medical team.

Joanne S.: Prayers for Kelly, a friend of Joanne’s children, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. Kelly lives in Minnesota and requests prayers for healing, strength, comfort and for her family. She also prays that she is able to get the treatment she needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Joanne has sent Kelly a prayer quilt which was tied by the Skeels family and will be tied by Kelly’s friends and family.

Dick and Shirley M.: Prayers for steady recovery from bad colds. They give thanks for tele-video medical appointments for the support they offer..

Jax Wright’s mother Joy had to go to ER but is home now. Prayers that she remains healthy from any illness that people may have had in ER.

Jim O’Donnell: Prayers for his friend John in New York who is on a ventilator with COVID-19.


For Jim Perry and his family on the passing of his stepmother, Virginia, in Arkansas. Virginia was 94.