The Vision & Mission of Foothills

Foothills' Vision

Our vision is to be "bringing faith to life." With God’s help, we work together to build a healthy faith-life community that is ready and willing to serve others locally and globally. From our partnerships with local schools to our missions around the world; in the Foothills community there is opportunity to serve for everyone.

Foothills' Mission

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Foothills is a healing community and a resource for growing in relationship with God. We are committed to nurturing and strengthening the community in Christian faith; living transformed and transforming lives – expressing God’s love with our hands, our heads, and our hearts.

Foothills' Cultural Values

We are here to be and become God’s people. We are intentional in working to be a community where people feel safe, affirmed, and spiritually nurtured. We recognize God’s work of transforming lives as both personal and collective. People are transformed through personal encounter with the Spirit of Jesus Christ and collectively we work for the good of our society to make the Kingdom of God real.
We celebrate a diverse and inclusive range of theological opinions emerging from God’s grace and our freedom. Our history and our collective character, is a warm-hearted people.
We value the sacredness of God’s creation and every individual who walks this earth. We are called to care for this earth and its people by valuing spiritual growth, service, diversity, inclusiveness, and community.

Foothills' Affiliation

Foothills United Methodist Church is part of the United Methodist denomination, which has been in ministry in our country and abroad for over 200 years. For more information on the United Methodist Church, go to umc.org

What is distinctly United Methodist?

While the following values and beliefs are not unique to United Methodists, they particularly shape and guide our way of living out our faith:

We are Open and Diverse:
As United Methodists, we are called to

  • Open our hearts to love and care for all people
  • Open our minds to learn all we can about God’s love and explore new ideas, fresh perspectives, and thoughtful dialogue
  • Open our doors so that we may both welcome the stranger and go out to love and serve

We Have Four Guidelines for Belief:

  • Scripture
  • Tradition
  • Experience
  • Reason

Primacy of Grace:
We believe in God’s grace - the unmerited love of God in our lives. In spite of suffering, violence and evil in the world, we believe that God is present in the world and God’s grace pervades all of Creation.

We Follow Three Simple Rules:
These general rules have governed Methodists from the beginning of the movement.

  • First – do no harm by thought, word or action
  • Second – do all the good you can in loving and serving others and all creation
  • Third – follow the Biblical practices of God including the Lord’s Supper, the study of the scriptures, prayer and good works